Chapter 7 – Victor

Filled with energy and well aware of having come closer to my self, I continue to follow my inner compass across meadows and through forests.

The landscape around me gradually becomes flatter and lighter. In the distance I recognize dark clouds in the sky, which I have never seen in this form in the nature from which I come. Driven by curiosity it pulls me in the direction of this place. On the way there I soon find civilization. Simple buildings line up in front of me. Obviously, there is a poverty here. Surely, I know the simple living conditions I experienced on my previous journey, but the inhabitants were still happy with their situation. But in this place, there are hardly any inhabitants on the streets. The few I see wear dirty and tattered clothes, walk stooped and cautiously, and quickly disappear. A strange atmosphere fills the fog that envelops this place. Where have I landed here and why is it so different from out in the distance? Suddenly I hear a noise not far from me. Immediately I start in this direction.

Arrived there I cannot believe my eyes. Four tall dark beings in uniform armor drag a person out of a building. She defends herself, but doesn’t stand a chance. I don’t hesitate and aim at the first of the four, kicking him in the legs from behind. He goes down on his knees and immediately gets a punch against his head. Two of the defenders immediately come at me. I deftly dodge the first blow which comes with some kind of stick, so that I am standing directly in front of the attacker. On the move, I headbutt him in his sinister visage and push him away from me with a kick. He loses his balance and goes down. The third one, however, is already in his attack against me. The attempt to dodge fails and he catches me in the back with his dark red glowing staff. A painful energy runs through me and drains my strength. Flat on the ground, I briefly lose consciousness.

Shortly after, I regain my senses. With blurred vision, I recognize the four figures and the captured person. I concentrate on my recently discovered ability, which is lying slumbering within, but I can’t find a connection. A stinging impulse runs through my bones. Unconsciousness.

Suddenly I startle, standing in the midst of blue flames. I remember the kidnapping, but there is no trace of the involved persons and I am angry about my inability not to have used my powers purposefully. An inspiration to train this. But first I have to find out what it is about the uniformed beings, the kidnapping and these living conditions which are around. Immediately I set off in the direction of the dark clouds and extinguish my flames again.


Asinis Band - Victor - Chapter 7

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