Thoughts behind Victor

Victor conveys an unmistakable statement which is coupled with blasting riffs and driving rhythms. It’s an invitation to fight. But at the beginning of every fight is the preparation. In our case, the song starts with calm guitar tunes. The spoken words aim to meditate. Find yourself to discover unimagined powers and unleash them in battle. The gentle increase of the musical elements suggests that the calm will soon come to an end. Immediately we find ourselves in the middle of the battle.

The song dashes forward and gives the feeling of riding straight into a battle. Of course, we don’t know beforehand whether we’ll come out of the battle as victors or losers, but in principle we can only win. If we leave the field with a defeat, we can learn from it and get up again stronger or smarter than before. If we win, we can be proud, but in view of the fact that the next challenge is already waiting for us.

In general, the whole life consists of a series of battles or challenges that will recur again and again until it all comes to an end. Therefore, never stay down after a fight, otherwise you will give up on yourself. Use your ability to grow from it. Fear of loss can be illusions that blind us and make us weak. Confidence in our own abilities allows us to rise above our fears. We don’t have a choice whether to fight. We have the choice whether we want to win or lose. Our contested battles shape us and eventually make each of us.


Asinis Band - Victor - Thoughts Behind

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