Thoughts behind Stardust

Infinite potential through the source of life – the cosmic energy, the Stardust, will unfold its effect for the first time in this song.

Asinis Band - Stardust Thoughts Behind

A fine blue dust, invisible to most eyes, is distributed in the star system where the planet Gaia is located. What exactly this stardust is and where it has its origin is uncertain. Its existence, however, is undisputed in many circles. Whether it originates from the nearby pulsating star or is a product of Gaia, we will have to wait and see. Also unknown is its form of energy, which is neither electrical nor chemical and is not measurable due to its weakness. It is only in very large quantities that the stardust can justify its existence. In such quantities, however, it is never found in nature. That is why the view of this energy is possibly different from culture to culture.

The Stardust unfolds its potential only when it encounters life, as if there were receptors which, when activated, unlock new levels of consciousness. In most cases this effect is very difficult to detect, comparable to a very slow development, which only becomes noticeable after centuries, comparable to evolution. However, examples are known where the stardust triggers amazing effects. Persons who are very receptive and sensitive to it, even in low concentrations, can manipulate their physical environment through their consciousness. Various and very few effects and carriers of this gift or defect have been knowingly discovered.

Asinis Band - Stardust 2 Thoughts behind

Surely this is a characteristic that can quickly cause envy and greed. There are groups, but also individuals, who have been dealing with the secret of the Stardust for ages, both scientifically and for pure self purpose. The most potent sources of energy can have, as on our earth, several sides, depending on the intention.



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