Thoughts behind Soulmate

Soulmate is a more personal song in which real feelings of longing are projected into the world of Gaia. As a youth it is often difficult to understand the world in which you grow up. There are moments when you feel as if you are alone with your thoughts and as if there is no one who can understand your thoughts and emotions or give them meaning. That’s how I imagined at that time that there is the one person who is going through the same thing with the same feelings and who knows you in the smallest detail without ever having met you.

I have never met this person, but in my head he exists. Even if this fantasy construct triggers feelings of longing, it brings a bit of inner peace and the hope not to stand alone. Personally, I am not looking for this soul mate, but I do not exclude his existence and the possibility of an encounter. Our protagonist, on the other hand, pays far more attention to this longing and sets himself the higher goal of finding and meeting this person, even though he would never admit this inner desire.

Asinis Band - Soulmate Thoughts



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