Thoughts behind Gaia

Asinis Band - Gaia Surface Black

The idea behind the song Gaia is to introduce and visualize the world around which our story revolves. That’s why this song is at the top of the EP. Not only the optical appearance of Gaia is presented pictorially, but also her most important functions are described. With little fantasy it is possible to think yourself on this planet with the help of the lyrics. It shows that there is a lot of similarity to our earth.

This way it is easier to transfer parallels of Gaia to our world. Nevertheless there are also some differences. In the first place there is the Stardust, the invisible power which makes this world so fantastic. It is important that Gaia is recognized as a living organism and not as a lifeless rock floating through the universe. In the lyrics the deep connection between Gaia and her native creatures is explained. Mutual respect and love maintain the balance. The perfect harmony. And what about the earth?

Asinis Band - Planet Gaia Black



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