Chapter 2 – The Birth

A light appears on the horizon. The blue sun will come to warm and to end the night. But this morning will not be an ordinary one.

Asinis Band - Chapter - The Birth

In a sheltered forest clearing a small spark emerges from nowhere and dances weightlessly above the ground of Gaia. Shortly, a second spark joins the dance and soon a third and a fourth one. Suddenly they come from all directions and light up the firmament. Tens of thousands of small balls of energy gather at this point. They begin to circle wildly around each other, faster and faster. A glaring flash of light ends the spectacle and rolls over the land in a wave. Silence. 

A motionless body lies in the clearing that was just filled with light a moment ago. Suddenly a twitch, the eyes of the being blink and finally open. Gradually it moves its limbs, sits up and tries to orientate itself. It looks down on its body and its perplexity is unmistakable. Slowly but determined, it stands up on its two legs. The first steps grant confident and immediately become faster. One jump and the being climbs to the highest tree it discovers. Every move, every step fits. Once arrived in the treetop, it gazes into the distant lands and surveys the surroundings. Crowns of trees, mountains, so much vastness and colour enter its field of vision while it looks around. The glistening light of the sun hits its face and it smiles.


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