Steek was born in the metropolis of Gaia, an unsightly place where the inhabitants coexist close together in clans. At an early age, he was able to move long distances in a blink of an eye without any great effort. That frightened the people close to him and so they implanted microelectronic parts in him to stop his power. Now when he was older and started to question why he felt so different, one day he rediscovered his abilities.  Out of anger, he turned away from his clan and has lived his life as a loner since then. He quickly became in control of his abilities and was even able to use the technology implanted in him to his advantage. It allows him to teleport with pinpoint accuracy, even to levitate. The enemies of the clan in which he grew up also got wind of that, united and attacked his relatives in fear of the being that was created. It was too late when Steek realized that his transformation was actually a gift and regretted leaving his home, but the raid had already taken place and he found his home in ruins. He had to take revenge, but was not strong enough to fight so many enemies alone. With a heavy heart, he swallowed his anger and set out, on a path without any destination.


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