Chapter 6 – Stardust

I feel that there are many miracles in this world, but I didn’t imagine that I was so close to them.

The days are flying by these times. These many impressions and experiences offer no room for rest. The inside is agitated and I have the feeling that many things become unclear through this. The view is clouded. I needed distance and returned to the wilderness, far away from civilization, because time seems to flow slower there. It follows its natural course and so I do.

Through deep forests and hilly landscapes I am guided in my search for peace. Just running, always further, without a goal, following my instinct. The diversity of nature follows a pattern. I constantly observe this as I move forward. Tree by tree and day by day, repetitions seem hypnotic, so that time is forgotten. In this moment, in which I become aware of it, the goal seems to be reached. Suddenly I stand there with open eyes, finding myself again on a high plateau in the middle of nowhere. The view reaches far into all directions and everything seems to be known. The beat in my body is lowered. I sit down and close my eyes.

All black. Somehow a blank sheet. I listen to my inside, feel my heartbeat and how the blood pulses through my body. Suddenly a small spark dances before my inner eye. I perceive the surroundings with the rest of my senses. Wind, sounds, the fresh smell of the forest and far away an attraction. The spark suddenly no longer dances alone. In the meantime, five colourful lights are whirring around. I discard everything that occupies me, empty my thoughts. A tingling sensation spreads through my body and the lights I see merge to form a ball of light. Many small lights swarm from all directions and join it. My body vibrates internally, but my pulse remains calm. Suddenly this ball spreads explosively in all directions. In shock I open my eyes and recognize blue flames covering my body. Fire, but I feel no pain. I throw a flaming ball into the air and it disappears in the sky. Surprised I think: “Cool”. And the flames fade out.



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