Chapter 5 – Soulmate

Since the great nothingness, 26 suns have now passed. Since then I wander through the woods and fields to observe life and how its incidents intertwine harmoniously. I recognize connections between the things, for example the transitoriness, a dramatic but necessary game between birth and death.

Asinis Band - Soulmate

Today I encounter civilization for the first time, quite different from the wilderness I have known so far, but similar in essence. Communication and bonds between these beings create a community. Cooperation and mutual help seem to be natural in this place. Their thoughts and goals overlap, so that a unity is created, similar to an organism consisting of several individuals. The big aim is to survive.

But what fascinates me most is the bond of love between single individuals, so deep and strong that they would give their lives for each other, but could not really exist without the other. It seems as if they share one mind and one heart without any purpose, full of self-evidence. Where does this energy come from?

And I move on as a loner to learn daily, recognize answers that lead me to further questions. But should this be my purpose to wander without any aims? Inside I know that I will not be alone forever. I know that there is also someone for me in this manifold world who feels as I do – this is what I know.
I will find you!

Asinis Band - Soulmate



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