Chapter 8 – Revolution

It is shocking how quickly and intensely the beauty of the world can be destroyed. I started in the cradle of nature, full of balance and peace. Led I was in a place of catastrophe and oppression. I wonder if this cruelty must be, so that tranquillity can exist… I can’t imagine it, but I will find out!

Without any doubt, the beings in this dark place do not live voluntarily in their misery. Meanwhile I could learn from the simple people that this was not always the case. Once upon a time, the inhabitants here also lived in harmony with each other joyfully. Many years ago, however, a shadow settled over the land and fostered displeasure. The vitality and expectations of life were henceforth numbed. Prophets in black robes followed, preaching of a rich age that lay ahead. During their preaching, they distributed food. Promises were made to the people that there was a way out of this situation. All that was needed was to work hard at it. Some resisted these appeals, rebelled against this opinion and disappeared a short time later. Their lifeless bodies were found covered with black marks in public places. An eerie atmosphere spread and almost everyone obeyed. By order of the prophets, huge buildings and machines were built using techniques that were previously unknown. These machines were reportedly driven as if by magic, and with their enormous mechanical power they could perform a wide variety of tasks that were unimaginable with pure biological power. Since then, society has been in a downward spiral, because the apparatuses were never intended to bring prosperity, but only served to expand power and led to dependence. The population did not gain any advantage from this.

I wonder what the goal of this all is. What’s the purpose? Who is behind this plan? Where do the prophets and machines come from? It’s clear to me that it will be a monstrous task to find out all this alone and to face this construct of madness. I need support, I will not be able to do it alone. I need to find allies with similar views who will face this challenge with me.

I absolutely need more information to find out the truth and to enlighten the oppressed and abused population. Without belief in the dark power, it cannot exist and the masses will liberate themselves. It is time to bring light to the darkness. It is time for a revolution!


Asinis Band - Revolution - Chapter 8

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