A wanderer roaming the lands without roots or ancestry searches for his meaning. He feels at home everywhere and literally attracts energy. His memory, however, was reset after some incident, except that no one can remember it, nor does he seem familiar to anyone. Since then he has been guided by his emotions, accepts every challenge and searches the wide world for his relatives. He has nothing to lose and knows no fear.

In a state of meditation, he once discovered a blazing fire in his innermost being, a core of concentrated energy. As he awakened, he noticed that he carried this flame into the local world and accidentally set his surroundings on fire. He soon learned to control this gift of turning his inner power outward.

His kindness, empathy and sensitivity often make his thoughts jump and trigger a strong sense of justice in him, so strong that he turns it into his duty. On this path he meets many characters who are just as open-minded towards him as he is towards them, thus subconsciously confirming and supporting him.

Paso - Asinis Band

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