Chapter 3 – My Child

Silence. Peace. Life.

Great things I created from nothingness.  Many species should be able to use my surface as a habitat, develop themselves and live forever in harmony.

Asinis Band - My Child - Chapter 3

Everyone has enough to survive easily. But something happened. Some who discovered my sources of life are obsessed by this energy. They have tasted my blood.

Regardless of losses, they tear me open, dig deep holes into me and take away my strength. In this process, they oppress others, cheat and murder in search of more power. I never wanted this abuse of stardust and I only see one solution to stop this chaos before I am completely exhausted. It is necessary to intervene in this situation. I will concentrate all my reserves to manifest you. You will be the saviour, the last hope before evil takes over forever. Pure energy will become matter, filled with consciousness. The life of all is now in your hands, after I have no other possibilities but to support you in this mission as far as I can. The stars are in your favor. My Child, I believe in you!


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