In the moments when silence surrounds me
In darkness when I’m all alone
I feel the blood that flows under my skin
Feeling it pumping across my limbs
I closely listen to the rhythm of my core
What a wonderful drum beat
All senses are now absent
And a melody inside begins
A sparkling spreads along my spine
And a tune in my head arises
I obey the voices inside
And a star in my eyes starts shining

I’m still wandering without any trace
Through the landscapes of this mystical place
The higher aim is to learn day by day
To survive, to worship life itself
Every experience – every encounter
Is a milestone on the way to the final breath
The art is to never give up
I’ll be defeated
But I’m sure I will stand up again

History is written in the glowing night sky
There is nothing to doubt about
Even if life is a fight
Remember – no fight – no victory

You have to fight to be the victor
Fight for victory

Everyone holds his fate in his hands
Use the ability to grow
To be alive is enough to carry on
Only resistance makes me strong
Infinite power of will and faith
I’m driven by the mighty force that’s hidden within
I trust in my skills
I believe in myself

Whenever you are down on the ground
Bound your strength and start again


You have to fight to be the victor
You have to fight
You have to fight to be the victor
Fight for victory

© 2023 by Asinis. All Rights Reserved.