The Birth


I wake up in a state that has escaped from a dream
My memory is gone and I am all alone
Without evidence of time and space
I find myself in a wild landscape – an enchanted place

This world is known within
Am I awake or just dreaming?
This world is known within
Am I awake or just dreaming – why does it feel so real?

With every taken step towards an undefined direction
Slowly the memory comes back – I’m led by intuition
Somehow I’m familiar with this all
I’m feeling right the way I am so I start to sing

I am unstoppable
This life is a gift and it’s mine
Everything I need I carry in my soul
Let this adventure begin

So I march on and on until the day of my birth is gone
I lay down in a protected site and wait for sunset to come
The last gaze is dedicated to the moons and the stars above
How exciting to be alive – I take a breath and I close my eyes


This world is home within
I am awake – I am awake
This world is home within
Now let this adventure begin

© 2023 by Asinis. All Rights Reserved.