Chapter 4 – Gaia

You are everything for now and forever.
You are the centre of our universe.

Asinis Band - Planet Gaia

We never needed invisible gods and we never sought the unexplainable. We have all the answers, carry them within us, live them daily and perceive them with our senses. The answer is you yourself in your beauty and diversity. Everything has its place. Everything is connected. You are vibrating noticeably and bursting with energy. Through your sensitivity, your intelligence and your power you keep the balance.

For you, as for every other life, there is a beginning and an end. You also had to learn and develop step by step. We do not see you as God, because you are alive, you have a consciousness, you are an organism and everyone is a part of it. You give and take with love. And even you are not invulnerable. You can be exhausted and make mistakes. You feel as we do.

That is why you are what we believe in and you are worth to be respected and protected, because without you we are nothing but lifeless bodies floating motionless through space and time.

Asinis Band - Gaia Surface



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