Ēna has his roots in a village near the mountains surrounded by wilderness and cold. Life there was hard, but still sincere. He had to learn how to fight and survive at a young age, otherwise natural selection would have put a spoke in his wheel. The simple life he led there with his family taught cohesion and ambition. One day, when he returned home from a hunt lasting several days, he found his village in ruins. Not a single one survived this attack. Full of anger and the desire for revenge he rushed away. He did not know, however, that he was being pursued by a dark sorcerer who put a curse on him that took his breath away. This experience would change him forever. All his sadness, all his anger was gone and he felt free. His body, however, was no longer there. The energetic field directed his inner shadow outward. From time to time warmth finds its way into his heart, through which he regains his physical form. Since this event, he roams along the lands in this form, driven by feelings unknown to him.

Ēna is a calm and patient character who has no great expectations or goals. At least he doesn’t know anything about it. Even if his presence doesn’t seem to be good, he is a sociable and helpful character if you don’t anger him. He has the ability to interfere with the thoughts and emotions of his opposite with an invisible power, which can become a powerful weapon in an emergency. Most of the time, however, he uses his telepathy for positive purposes.

Ena - Asinis Band

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