Thoughts behind

Asinis Band - Stardust 2 Thoughts behind

Thoughts behind Stardust

Infinite potential through the source of life – the cosmic energy, the Stardust, will unfold its effect for the first time in this song. A fine blue dust, invisible to most eyes, is distributed in the star system where the…

Thoughts behind Soulmate

Soulmate is a more personal song in which real feelings of longing are projected into the world of Gaia. As a youth it is often difficult to understand the world in which you grow up. There are moments when you…

Asinis Band - Gaia Surface Black

Thoughts behind Gaia

The idea behind the song Gaia is to introduce and visualize the world around which our story revolves. That’s why this song is at the top of the EP. Not only the optical appearance of Gaia is presented pictorially, but…

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