Ena - Asinis Band


Ēna has his roots in a village near the mountains surrounded by wilderness and cold. Life there was hard, but still sincere. He had to learn how to fight and survive at a young age, otherwise natural selection would have…

Paso - Asinis Band


A wanderer roaming the lands without roots or ancestry searches for his meaning. He feels at home everywhere and literally attracts energy. His memory, however, was reset after some incident, except that no one can remember it, nor does he…

Steek - Asinis Band


Steek was born in the metropolis of Gaia, an unsightly place where the inhabitants coexist close together in clans. At an early age, he was able to move long distances in a blink of an eye without any great effort….

Jugger - Asinis Band


He’s an absolute survivor, a nomad, and he can’t be broken. Whether as part of a team or on his own, he has crazy ideas that help him and his allies push forward. He lives in wasteland and has a…

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