Chapter 1 – Balance

In an unknown time on an unknown planet, far away from everything we know and hold dear, our story starts.

From the beginning this world has existed in a balanced system of duality and transience. Soon life began, at first in simple forms, but it gradually became more complex. The key to this development was a powerful energy, a bluish shimmering dust, which carries unexpected powers and which breathes consciousness into the planet itself. Gaia was born. The planet Gaia stored this energy since its formation and learned to release it in well-dosed quantities to maintain a balance between individual beings and peoples on it.

The more complex the world became, the more difficult it became for Gaia to maintain the balance. Some people discovered the power that laid in the shimmering dust and exploited it for their own benefits. They searched for the sources and plundered them. In consequence, greed, oppression, violence and selfishness spread on Gaia. Like a virus these devastating thoughts spread and caused an imbalance. Something must be done, but how can a planet stop this development? How will Gaia protect herself from this virus?


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