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Asinis Band - Soulmate

Chapter 5 – Soulmate

Since the great nothingness, 26 suns have now passed. Since then I wander through the woods and fields to observe life and how its incidents intertwine harmoniously. I recognize connections between the things, for example the transitoriness, a dramatic but…

Asinis Band - Gaia Surface Black

Thoughts behind Gaia

The idea behind the song Gaia is to introduce and visualize the world around which our story revolves. That’s why this song is at the top of the EP. Not only the optical appearance of Gaia is presented pictorially, but…

Asinis Band - Planet Gaia

Chapter 4 – Gaia

You are everything for now and forever.You are the centre of our universe. We never needed invisible gods and we never sought the unexplainable. We have all the answers, carry them within us, live them daily and perceive them with…

Asinis Band - My Child - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – My Child

Silence. Peace. Life. Great things I created from nothingness.  Many species should be able to use my surface as a habitat, develop themselves and live forever in harmony. Everyone has enough to survive easily. But something happened. Some who discovered…

Asinis Band - Chapter - The Birth

Chapter 2 – The Birth

A light appears on the horizon. The blue sun will come to warm and to end the night. But this morning will not be an ordinary one. In a sheltered forest clearing a small spark emerges from nowhere and dances…

Asinis Story Cover - Balance

Chapter 1 – Balance

In an unknown time on an unknown planet, far away from everything we know and hold dear, our story starts. From the beginning this world has existed in a balanced system of duality and transience. Soon life began, at first…

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