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Asinis Band - Victor - Thoughts Behind

Thoughts behind Victor

Victor conveys an unmistakable statement which is coupled with blasting riffs and driving rhythms. It’s an invitation to fight. But at the beginning of every fight is the preparation. In our case, the song starts with calm guitar tunes. The…

Paso - Asinis Band


A wanderer roaming the lands without roots or ancestry searches for his meaning. He feels at home everywhere and literally attracts energy. His memory, however, was reset after some incident, except that no one can remember it, nor does he…

Asinis Band - Victor - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Victor

Filled with energy and well aware of having come closer to my self, I continue to follow my inner compass across meadows and through forests. The landscape around me gradually becomes flatter and lighter. In the distance I recognize dark…

Steek - Asinis Band


Steek was born in the metropolis of Gaia, an unsightly place where the inhabitants coexist close together in clans. At an early age, he was able to move long distances in a blink of an eye without any great effort….

Jugger - Asinis Band


He’s an absolute survivor, a nomad, and he can’t be broken. Whether as part of a team or on his own, he has crazy ideas that help him and his allies push forward. He lives in wasteland and has a…

Asinis Band - Stardust 2 Thoughts behind

Thoughts behind Stardust

Infinite potential through the source of life – the cosmic energy, the Stardust, will unfold its effect for the first time in this song. A fine blue dust, invisible to most eyes, is distributed in the star system where the…

Asinis Band - Stardust 2

Chapter 6 – Stardust

I feel that there are many miracles in this world, but I didn’t imagine that I was so close to them. The days are flying by these times. These many impressions and experiences offer no room for rest. The inside…

Thoughts behind Soulmate

Soulmate is a more personal song in which real feelings of longing are projected into the world of Gaia. As a youth it is often difficult to understand the world in which you grow up. There are moments when you…

Asinis Band - Soulmate

Chapter 5 – Soulmate

Since the great nothingness, 26 suns have now passed. Since then I wander through the woods and fields to observe life and how its incidents intertwine harmoniously. I recognize connections between the things, for example the transitoriness, a dramatic but…

Asinis Band - Gaia Surface Black

Thoughts behind Gaia

The idea behind the song Gaia is to introduce and visualize the world around which our story revolves. That’s why this song is at the top of the EP. Not only the optical appearance of Gaia is presented pictorially, but…

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